“St. Mary’s is a safe haven for Bryson. He has the freedom within much needed boundaries to live and grow safely. Bryson has been able to experience swimming, horseback riding and field trips to the zoo! We could not provide these fantastic experiences for him at home because we did not have the resources, staff and training. St. Mary’s is Bryson’s freedom to live his life with joy in his very special world. We are grateful and blessed to witness his progress in this beautiful school.” – Laurie Mader, Mother of Bryson

“St. Mary’s is a place that every parent with a mentally challenged child and young adult hopes to find. The residents are welcomed with open arms. The staff members that care for Toni are very loving and caring. They have structured schedules and every week they have scheduled outings. We are so blessed that our daughter, Toni, is in a safe and loving environment.” – Vicki Mathews, mother

“I trust St. Mary's with the care of my son. I believe that the administration and staff does their best that is possible for the care of all our children. I, myself, have been in denial at times about what was best for Michael. With tender loving care, I have been guided in the right direction. Without St. Mary's and its dedicated employees I don't know what I would have done. Because of your help, I have been able to help others. Please know that I am truly grateful for each and every person that has impacted Michael's life and mine.” – Elizabeth Welch, mother

“My son, Daniel, is safe, clean and well-groomed, well fed, at home, and happy. He’s in a secure, supervised, beautifully landscaped environment, equipped to his needs, at all times. Even though Daniel is nonverbal, I know he is happy and content. Some things are very clear even unspoken. I know he is comfortable in his surrounding and among others. St. Mary’s has allowed him to experience new things, develop friendships and to be happy and content in an environment that is strictly suitable to his needs. There are no more struggles constantly trying to make him fit into this often times difficult big world. Life for him has become easier and simpler. For all of the above reasons, we are, Daniel’s family, happy and content trusting that Daniel is at his new home. Thank you, St. Mary’s.” –Pauline Amend & Family

“We are so grateful that we found St. Mary’s to help us with the care of our daughter, Erin. It was a very difficult decision to place her here when she was young. But under the care of the staff and trainers, she has become a lovely young woman full of happiness. Recently, she has faced a severe illness. We have been so blessed to have the complete support of the clinic staff in helping us navigate our way through very difficult times. Frankly, we don't think we could have done it without them. Even though it's been hard on everyone, they have supported us in our decisions. And through her illness we've learned so much about Erin's relationship with the staff and students. We knew everyone liked her pretty well. But we never realized how loved she is by all those around her at St. Mary's.” – Lisa Long, mother


Heart to Heart

“I have seen the development and growth of many individuals at St. Mary’s and am impressed with their unique ability to manage the needs of the developmentally disabled.” Dr. Robert Culpepper, MD

“When all other resources were exhausted, my wife and I turned to St. Mary’s for the care of our two profoundly autistic sons. Rather than surrendering them to St. Mary’s, we in fact found a partner to join with us in their development and growth. For sixteen years they have loved and cared for our boys, with the result being two happy young men who have purpose in their life.” – Merrill Wautlet, father